DUI Tips from Legal Experts

August 31, 2019

Are you facing charges of driving under the influence? There are many people who have been charged with DUIs who believe it’s a waste of their time and money to hire an attorney, especially if the facts of their case are straightforward and point to their guilt.

However, there are plenty of defenses and legal strategies available to you that can at least help you minimize some of the consequences you might face as a result of your DUI arrest, if not get you off entirely. Only attorneys with experience practicing in DUI law can implement these strategies in your case, and help shield you from consequences you might not otherwise have known you could avoid.

There are public defenders available for people who cannot afford a private attorney. When a public defender isn’t available, a panel attorney (a private attorney paid by the courts) may be made available for your case. However, it can be difficult to get the full attention of public defenders and panel attorneys, so if you have the opportunity to hire a dedicated private DUI lawyer for your case, it can behoove you to do so.

Here are just a few of the issues you should take into consideration when searching for private legal counsel in Rockford, IL to handle your charges of driving under the influence:

  • Specialization: Does the attorney have a demonstrated history of focusing on DUI law? There are plenty of criminal defense attorneys or other general practice attorneys who could technically represent you, but you’ll get the best results out of working with an attorney who makes DUI law a clear focus in their practice. It’s better to have someone on your side who handles these kinds of cases all the time, rather than someone who just takes an occasional DUI case here and there.
  • Experience: You’ll at least want to pay some attention to the level of experience your potential attorney has. Sure, there are some attorneys who are new to practicing law who will deliver outstanding service, but you can feel much more comfortable in knowing you’ll get good service from someone who has been practicing DUI law for quite a few years now. If they’ve been doing it for so long, they’re clearly doing something right.
  • Consultations: It’s a good idea to choose an attorney that will offer you a free consultation. This initial meeting gives you a chance to get to know your attorney and other people who will be working on your case. An in-person meeting can give you a little more peace of mind and help you feel comfortable with entrusting them with your case.
  • Strategies: Do you want your case to go to trial, or do you expect your case to end with a plea bargain? The kind of strategy you take with your case will also likely influence your decision on which attorney you work with.

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