Tips for Driver’s License Reinstatement in Rockford, IL

September 10, 2019

Has your driver’s license been suspended? Are you looking for ways to get that card back in your wallet as soon as possible? Lack of driving privileges can be detrimental to careers and relationships, so it’s good to know how to achieve driver’s license reinstatement in Rockford, IL to get your life back on track.

If your license has been suspended, take the following steps. For additional assistance, contact a local attorney who specializes in driver’s license reinstatement in Rockford, IL.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t simply file away your suspension notice (or angrily toss it in the trash). Read it, then read it again, carefully. The notice indicates how long your license will be suspended. It also explains any stipulations attached to the suspension that you must complete before your license will be reinstated. Keep this paperwork on hand throughout the process of driver’s license reinstatement in Rockford, IL as a reference.

Go to Class

Consider taking a defensive driving course. They are usually offered frequently and at low cost. This may or may not be required by the terms of your suspension, but it’s a good idea either way. It may help you get your license back, and it can help protect your insurance rates.

File an SR-22

An SR-22 certificate proves to the state that you have the required amount of car insurance. With this on file, your insurance company guarantees to the state that you maintain this coverage. If you do not, they will notify the state. Filing an SR-22 is fairly simple and affordable, and it’s possible even if you don’t currently own a car. You can obtain liability-only insurance for when you drive other people’s vehicles.

Pay Up

Don’t try to avoid the fees associated with your suspension. Driver’s license reinstatement in Rockford, IL always involves paying fees. Check the suspension notice to verify the amount that you owe. You can also check the Secretary of State’s website for a schedule of fees based on your specific violation. If you aren’t sure how much you owe, you can contact their office to confirm the amount. Don’t delay this task—the sooner you get the debt paid, the better.

Be Patient

After you’ve taken the necessary steps for driver’s license reinstatement in Rockford, IL, you may have to endure a waiting period. It takes time to process the paperwork. This may take up to two weeks to complete. Do not try to drive before your official reinstatement. Even if you’ve paid the fines and met any other requirements, until it is official, you’ll be in violation. Driving while your license is suspended could result in more violations and make matters much worse.

In Your Corner

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