What Is a Class X Felony in Illinois?

January 31, 2020

Each state has a different way of classifying felonies. Felonies are typically the most dangerous crimes, and their consequences start with a minimum of one year of jail time. In Illinois, felonies are divided into Classes 1 through 4, and then Class X, which is reserved for the most serious offenses of all.

When you’re accused of a crime, you should immediately reach out to a felony criminal defense attorney in Rockford, IL—even if charges have not yet been filed. Class X felonies carry up to 60 years of prison time, so having an appropriate defense is critical to preserving your freedom.

What are the different types of felonies?

Felony classes start with Class 4 (the least severe) and move up to Class X, which sits above Class 1. Class 4 felonies carry a minimum of one to three years prison time, and cover crimes like unlawful possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, dog fighting and more.

Class 3 felonies increase the jail time from two to five years, and include such misdeeds as incest, perjury, aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter. Class 2 has a minimum of two to seven years and includes arson, burglary and kidnapping, among other crimes. Finally, Class 1 felonies include a minimum of four to 15 years and covers crimes such as criminal sexual assault, hijacking and discharging your firearm inside a residence.

How is a Class X felony different?

Class X felonies are the worst of the worst, except for first-degree murder. If you’re accused of a Class X felony, you’re looking at six to 30 years of incarceration at a minimum, but that sentence could be extended to 60 years. Typically, Class X felonies are armed felonies like robbery, arson, rape, battery and more—and in fact, if you’re on your sixth DUI charge, you could be looking at a Class X felony. You might be arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and depending on how much of the substance is involved, that could push your charge into Class X territory, too.

Not only do Class X felonies come with a minimum six-year sentence, but after you’ve served your time, you have a minimum three-year supervised release period, and you won’t be eligible for probation—even if it’s your first offense.

If you think you might be charged with a Class X felony, it’s crucial that you retain an attorney as soon as possible. Skilled legal representation could make the difference between a reduced sentence or decades in prison.

Felony criminal defense attorney in Rockford, IL

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