Workplace Accidents in Rockford, IL

You deserve a clear understanding of your rights and the possibility of a fair recovery sooner rather than later. Just as important as finding excellent representation is the fact that those responsible for the injury—the site owner, construction firm and/or property owner—will already have a workplace injury legal team assembled. You need to get ahead of them in order to fight the case appropriately.

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Determining Fault and Liability

Many workplace injuries can be avoided, if only the proper safety precautions are taken. If you did everything correctly and protected yourself, and were still injured on the job, consider who’s at fault. It’s likely your employer or someone else on the job.

Determining fault and liability is essential in building your workplace injury case. As a seasoned workplace accident lawyer in Rockford, IL, Brendan Caver builds a strong, evidence-based case that clearly shows fault and reliability elsewhere. We make sure your interests are represented fairly, and that you’re protected from efforts to put the blame on you.

Get What You’re Owed

There’s a lot that goes into determining the damages you’re able to pursue after a workplace accident. We’ll help you settle on a clear figure, based on the nature of your injury, lost time and wages, lingering effects or other detriments to your lifestyle and quality of life. We know how stressful and straining it can be not to work—trust us to help you pursue everything you’re owed, to alleviate this burden on your back.

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Brendan’s clients have many questions and he provides answers and candid advice about all types of workplace injuries. For answers to your specific questions, please call or text 815-714-9508 for your free consultation, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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