What to Do if You’re Injured on the Job

December 31, 2019

It’s understandable to be overwhelmed and upset if you’ve sustained an injury while on the job. In most cases, you’ll file a workers’ compensation claim after getting injured at work, particularly if you’re able to prove the injury was the fault of another person or entity.

In any case, here are some steps you’re going to want to take after you’ve suffered an injury on the job. We recommend working with a workplace injury lawyer in Rockford, IL to make sure you protect yourself and give yourself the best chance of securing benefits:

  • Report immediately: As soon as you’ve been injured, you should report that injury to your supervisor. You must notify your employer of the injury within 45 days—otherwise, you could be denied benefits. Notifying your employer starts the benefits process as well. It is best to submit this notification in writing so you have clear documentation of the incident.
  • Get medical attention: Your foremost concern after sustaining an injury at work should be getting healthy again. Everything else is secondary. Even if you think at first that the injury was too minor to merit going to the doctor, you should still make an appointment. Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, all medical expenses are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, so long as you seek reasonable treatment and it’s related to the injury. Going to get the injury checked out by a doctor will be covered, even if it turns out to be nothing. But if it turns out to be a big deal, you’ll be glad you went—there are many circumstances in which you might not notice symptoms until days or weeks later.
  • Log everything: Keep track of everything related to your injury and treatment to ensure the success of your claim. Write out a thorough account of your injury, including how you were hurt, your recollection of what happened, who witnessed the accident, who you notified and when and how you notified them. Keep track of all changes to your health (positive and negative), all of the times you visit the doctor and all the treatments you engage in. Be as thorough as possible.
  • Contact an attorney: Working with an attorney who assists clients who have suffered workplace injuries is a great way to maximize the chance of success with your claim. Make sure you give your attorney all of the information you have and keep them up to date on all the details of your case and any changes that occur. They will be able to guide you through the claims process much more efficiently than you’d be able to accomplish by yourself.
  • Always be honest: In your dealings with your employer, your attorney, your doctor and any insurance adjusters you work with, always be completely honest about what happened and how you’re feeling. Any inconsistencies or falsehoods in your story could result in your benefits being denied. Honesty is always the best policy.

For more information about how to proceed with a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois, contact the Law Office of Brendan W. Caver, Ltd. today to speak with a workplace injury lawyer in Rockford, IL.

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