Juvenile Delinquency in Rockford, IL

Prosecutors in juvenile delinquency court are different from those in criminal court and often have different goals. Getting ahead of the problem can avoid misunderstandings and prevent charges from being filed where evidence is lacking or suspect. With over 10 years’ experience in juvenile delinquency law, put Brendan’s service as a former prosecutor and a seasoned juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Rockford, IL to work for your child.

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Juvenile Cases we Defend

Our experience with juvenile cases spans all types of charges. We’re equipped to defend your child in situations involving vandalism, theft, disorderly conduct, underage intoxication, drug possession and much more. We can even step in when there are serious charges on the line, including assault.

Regardless of the case we’re defending, we represent your child’s best interests to the fullest extent possible. We know that both yours and your child’s reputation and integrity are on the line. We seek favorable outcomes that help everyone put legal incidents behind them as soon as possible. We aim to keep your child out of juvenile detention at all costs. We know this is often the first step in recidivism, so we pursue other settlements more in favor of your child’s future.

Brendan Will Answer Your Questions

When your child has a run-in with the law, you’re going to have questions. Make sure they’re being answered by a well-qualified juvenile delinquency attorney. For answers to your specific questions, please call or text 815-714-9508 for your free consultation, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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