Automobile Accident Lawyer in Rockford, IL

You probably have questions. We have answers! Check out some of the most common questions we’re asked about auto accidents and learn more about how a motor vehicle accident attorney in Rockford, IL can help you.

What information will my lawyer need?

All accident paperwork you can provide is helpful. For example, there is likely to be a police report prepared in more serious cases. If you cannot get a copy of the report, please try to gather at least the report number and the contact information of the other driver. Your insurance information is also very helpful. Additionally, if you have any medical records related to your injuries, please gather those as well. Photographs are always helpful. Of course, if you have none of these, we can always locate them.

Should I seek medical treatment if I am injured?

Absolutely. Aside from assuring your health, it is very helpful information for care to be provided near in time to the injury in order to determine the cause, nature and extent of the injury to prove your case in court. Having a qualified medical professional diagnose and treat you will be the best evidence available at trial. Trying to “tough it out,” and avoid medical treatment for your automobile accident actually makes it more difficult to prove your case in court!

I was in an accident and the other driver’s insurance company called. What do I do?

You do not have to speak with anyone. In fact, it is generally best not to speak to another’s driver’s insurer about your automobile accident. Statements that you may want to make in order to be helpful (or just nice) can end up backfiring against you in court. Always contact your attorney before giving a statement to anyone at all.

Why should I have an attorney represent me in my automobile accident case?

A skilled lawyer will know all elements of the case that need to be proven and what evidence to collect in order to do so. You should never underestimate liability or what your lawyer is able to recover. If you are entitled to damages that you didn’t think were possible, your lawyer will know what to do to be successful.

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